About Diamond Apartments

Company Profile

Diamond Serviced Apartments provides upscale, luxury accommodations for discerning expatriates, business travellers, and local executives and their families. Conveniently situated in Phnom Penh’s central business district, Diamond offers 32 fully-serviced and stylishly-furnished apartments that cater to all your personal preferences and needs. Living quarters are spacious, polished, and tastefully decorated, and all apartments are serviced by attentive staff on a weekly basis. Our residents enjoy amenities such as gym and recreational facilities, free wireless Internet, a DVD library, free twice weekly yoga classes, reasonably-priced massage services, secure parking spaces, and twenty-four hour security.

Diamond Serviced Apartments in Phnom Penh, Cambodia gives you more than exclusive and elegant accommodation at competitive prices. We provide security, comfort of mind, flawless service, and a commitment to the highest standards of luxury living.

Our Vision and Mission

Exciting as it can be, moving to a new city comes with predictable anxieties and feelings of dislocation. For expatriates, business travellers, and local executives looking to secure not merely a residence in Cambodia, but a home, Diamond is the answer. All of our apartments are move-in ready, fit with all necessary appliances and decorated with modern design, so you can settle in upon arrival. We welcome you to leave your worries at the door.

At Diamond, we aim to marry comfort with luxury, giving you all the amenities and personalized service of a lavish hotel without sacrificing the intimate coziness of home. We offer the highest standards of fine living, and we are committed to bringing only top-rate service to our exclusive clientele. Diamond Serviced Apartments intends to serve as more than just “a home away from home.” We provide all the amenities of a high-end hotel, but serve you with a personal touch. With Diamond, the focus is on you, the client. We tailor our services to accommodate your lifestyle and meet your individual needs.